Senior week

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May 28, 2019
Senior week

Here at Davis High tradition is huge. Next week we enter our senior week. Senior week is designed to send off our senior class with a bang and many people say that this last little while of senior year is the best. Even talking to past seniors they all say they wish they could go back to those last couple weeks of senior year.

I asked a couple seniors how they were feeling and what they were excited about for senior week.

Zoe Jacobs said, “I’m excited for senior week because we get to play in the volleyball tournament.”  This year there is a tournament for all seniors who want to play volleyball and compete in a tournament for bragging rights.

Margaret Brown said, “I think its cool how the seniors get a week to be appreciated and sent off in the right way.”

As we head into senior week, we all have the chance to reflect on our awesome high school experience. I think its cool that we get to have activities because it is the last time our whole senior class will be together, and the last time we get to do things at our school.