Chad Sims: A Davis High Legend 

Katlyn Mugleston

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January 16, 2020

 A normal teacher teaches 1 class, but Chad Sims teaches 4 doing his duty to educate the future generation. 

Coach Sims teaches a lot of classes at Davis High. He teaches Drivers ED, Study Skills, P.E. along with being the head coach of the basketball team. When talking with him he told me that his favorite part about coaching basketball. 

“Watching the team learn and grow together is one of the best experiences but the competition and adrenalin is what makes it fun.”  

His favorite part about teaching all these classes is getting to see students succeed and help students prepare for the future. He enjoyed his years in high school so much that he decided he wanted to become a high school teacher. He’s passionate about helping the students have a good high school experience just like him.  

Outside of school Sims isn’t a coach he likes to spend time with his family and go on vacations and go to sporting events. He even sent two of his oldest sons off on missions and he got to be their coach and father while they were attending Davis High. He classifies himself as a family man and make them his top priority.