The Secret Passageway of Davis High

At a population of over 2,500, Davis High is bustling with students. This in turn makes it almost impossible to navigate the hallways without bumping into people. This constantly comes up in many of the conversations I have heard, and it has become a big problem. People who procrastinate getting to class, stand around in the halls hinder the ones who want to get to class on time. Many of these people having hallway problems don’t know of an easier way to get to class and avoid the dam of kids.

One thing to always remember when traveling through the crowded river of Davis High is that the halls become more crowded over time. It’s like climate change. The more you put it off, the worse it’s going to get. Even if you are a little behind bussing to each class, there is an answer. Behind some of the sub-hallways there are stairs to get up to the next floor. Sophomore Colby Cox says, “They [the back stairs] have helped avoid the congestion of the other stairways.” These stairs can save you a lot of tardies and is the best secret lurking in Davis High.