Kissing at Davis Football Games

Isaac Whipple

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 Its halftime of the football game, electricity fills the air as Davis is at a raging lead. Everyone is screaming and yelling when suddenly a circle forms around you and one other, everyone begins to chant, “KISS! KISS! KISS!” your stomach drops, butterflies fill the space left behind, you begin to panic as the chants get louder… there is no escape!  

A new exciting fear is emerging from Davis high football games, being circled and pressured into kissing another student. Football games are all about fun especially when you’re on your home turf, the excitement is great, and you are full of Davis pride screaming and cheering your team on. The second you hear someone chanting someone you instantly join in to feel a part of the Davis mob family, this includes when people start chanting “KISS, KISS, KISS!” everyone gets excited in hope or fear that they could be the next victim.  

For Davis high students it is all fun and games and is soon forgotten by the following Saturday. But how do people feel about getting pressured to kissing into someone maybe they don’t want to? It can be seen as a problem by some kids and some adults Lauren Rusnell says, “it can definitely be a problem at the games no one likes to feel pressure so why put kids in an uncomfortable environment.” our administration here at our school was surprised and shocked when they learned of these events going on during halftime. Wilkey said “it is negative peer pressure which is never okay in any situation. It creates unsafe and dangerous environment.”  

However, some students love the idea of this activity and would like to do it at all blow-out games. Regan Neuenswander who was one of the students to be kiss (on the cheek) during halftime says, “it was fun and a fun moment to be in we kind of view it as school pride, almost like true darting.” all the students love to get wild at the games and kissing during half time when your team is guaranteed to win is all a part of the fun. Come and experience it all!… if you dare.