Davis High School Choir

Charity Maynes

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Davis High School Choir

Davis High School Choir

Wake up, eat, sing, repeat: Davis High’s choirs are preparing for a new school year! Davis High takes pride in the outstanding musical abilities of its students, especially the choir program. There are many things to expect out of the choir program this year. Performances, festivals, and competitions are being prepared for and are anticipated with great excitement. There are many pieces to the choir puzzle such as passion, excitement, and unity.

Passion in choir is essential to singing well and expressing to the audience the emotion of the songs. Loving the class and the music you sing is crucial to making the performance effective.

“I’m in madrigals and I love the creative and competitive atmosphere we have and how fast we move through learning music.” said Isaac Ferguson.

Learning the music is just the first step taken to love to the music you’re singing.

Excitement makes the choir class and performances much more enjoyable for the students and the audience. Anticipation has built throughout the summer of what will be happening during this school year. Riley Parker, Sophomore, said that the thing they are looking forward to most about choir this year is “choir tour.” Though unofficial, the choir has a flexible plan to go to California this year and sing on a tour.

Unity is crucial to making the music effective, meaningful and a beautiful work of art.

“The choir builds unity by bringing people with the same passions together to create something beautiful. We’re all painting the same picture and have bonded while doing so. For us to perform a well-prepared piece means to work together to covet a true work of art, and with that, we each leave a piece of our hearts on the stage. Nothing is more magical than singing next to your best friends in a room of people you love. Choir is the best!” said Mikayla Jensen.

Choir is an underestimated talent that many Davis High students have. This year holds many surprises and a lot of excitement to look forward to.