Dear Ol’ Davis High School

Charity Maynes

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Dear Ol Davis High School

Dear Ol’ Davis High School

You have taught me what it means to care. You have taught me what it means to strive. You have taught what it means to get back up when I fall. I have grown in more ways throughout your humble halls than I ever thought I could. I knew when I stepped through your front doors, first day of sophomore year, that I would be different the last time I stepped out. Little did I know, that last time would be so soon.

We’ll fight for you!

And we are. Who is we? First, teachers. Teachers of Davis High, sitting at home surrounded by children of their own or plagued by the silence of their once bustling classroom. Agonizing hours spent organizing lesson plans for the students they no longer get to see. They love us and wish the best for us. They’re sacrificing their sanity for us. They are fighting for us. Second, students. We are fighting for each other. Friends, acquaintances, the kids we never even spoke a word to. We know what each and every one of us is feeling. We know what each and every one of us was dreading to hear. And we heard it. Those three words that we begged for as a child but didn’t realize would make us grow up so fast. “No. More. School.” Now is the time to come together. Now is the time to forgive, forget, move past our differences and stick together. We can’t give up now. We might not enter those doors again but we can remind each other of what we had when we stepped out. Those doors are not the end of friendships. Those doors are not the end of passion and hard work. Those doors are not the end of being a Davis Dart.

We’ll fight for Davis!

You better believe it. I have put up a fight for you. Little did I know that my fight would be much different than attending football games and striving for a 4.0. My fight for you has consisted of more tears than I’ll ever be able to count. More memories than I’ll ever be able to recreate. My fight continues here within the walls of my own home, clicking and clacking away on a school provided computer. Attending Zoom sessions left and right, logging in and out of Canvas what seems to be a thousand times a day. Checking emails ready to tackle the assignment I’ve got next. I am fighting Davis High. And I am fighting hard.

We’re up to snuff, we never ever ever bluff

We are the coolest graduating class that there ever was. We exceeded every possible expectation anyone could ever have for us. If I told you 10 years ago, a cute little 3rd grader, that you wouldn’t get to go to your own graduation, you would laugh in my face. You wouldn’t believe me. And when it happened as an 18 year old Senior, we still didn’t believe you. That’s what makes us so amazing. Hope. Davis High students have HOPE. We never ever gave up. And we never will. We aren’t going to pretend like this is easy, because it’s not. It is the most devastating and disappointing experience for most of us. But, don’t lose hope. Hope for a brighter future. Hope for a better tomorrow. Hope that this virus will not be our legacy. Let’s make our legacy one of strength, pressing forward and optimism. Let’s make our legacy passion, overcoming difficulties and excessive happiness. Let us never forget who we are. We are Davis Darts!

Against the Darts of Davis, none can progress

Progress is defined as “forward or onward movement toward a destination.” Davis High students are fighters. We don’t let anyone get past us without giving them a run for their money. We don’t just stand by and let whatever happens happen. And now is not the time to stop. This virus may have paused our motivation. It may have paused our optimism. But don’t let it pause friendships. Don’t let it pause meaningful connections and strong relationships. Do not let this virus progress. Physically, we don’t really have a say. But mentally, we are in charge. This virus can’t bring us down if we don’t let it. We are Davis High! Against us, nothing can move forward. We are in control of our destiny, our fate. It is time that we pick up our targets, take a few steps forward and aim for an even greater future. Aim for an even greater triumph than we ever imagined. We will beat this virus. And we won’t let it stop us.

Three cheers for Davis! OUR DHS!

My DHS. Your DHS. Our DHS. Thank you, Davis High School. Thank you for the memories. Thank you for the tears. Thank you for the memories and friends that have shaped me into who I am today. Thank you for giving me a good environment to grow up in and for encouraging me to be myself. Thank you, teachers, for stretching me and helping me grow. I know I complained. I know I dreaded waking up each morning, scraping the snow off my car and struggling to find a parking spot. I’m not going to pretend like I wanted to be there for you. But you were always there for me. Thank you for never giving up on me and for being there during the hardest time of my life. You’re a real one, Davis. The biggest GOAT of us all. Thank you. And may I always be honored to call myself a Davis Dart. <3