Administrator Spotlight: Dr. Wilkey

Most students here at Davis High know Dr. Wilkey simply as our head administrator, and don’t think about him outside of school. But he’s truly a friendly, family-loving people-person, with a love for pizza and college football.

Dr. Wilkey doesn’t have a lot of time for hobbies, since most is spent on otherwise. When he can, he watches college football and spends time with his family. When asked who his favorite college football team is, he responded, “Who do you think? The Utes!”

When Dr. Wilkey was younger, he didn’t know what he wanted to do when he grew up. He went on an LDS mission in Germany and it really gave him some perspective. He says, “I made a choice to leave the country and go somewhere for two years. I had something to look forward to, And then when I came back, I think I was kind of dialed in like ‘hey, I want to be a teacher’.” While on his mission, he had to learn German, which later became a subject he taught.

Dr. Wilkey taught history and German, and he loved it. He loved being able to make a difference one on one, and doesn’t have that as much now that he’s an administrator. When asked what drove him to be an administrator, he answered, “Most of us I think, when we do something say ‘okay, do I want to push myself to advance?’” Advance is exactly what he did.

Dr. Wilke is much more than our head administrator. He said himself that he would like to be loyal, loving, and kind, as we already know him to be.