Everything you need to know about ID badges at Davis High

Katlyn Mugleston

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January 16, 2020

Do you like the new changes with attendance at Davis High? Many students think it’s a good idea but have a few downsides to it.

Here are some students’ opinions:

“I really like the method with the ID badges so the teachers can take attendance easier but some of the flaws in the system with the badges is they mark you late even if you were on time. The administrators can also give you a U if you are not wearing it around your neck with a lanyard and will give you one if you forget it more than 4 times, if you lost your badge or simply just left it at home you will have to take time to go down to the office and get a name tag badge and wear it on your shirt,” Cambree Santore stated.

“I like the ID badges it makes it seem very organized, it also makes taking attendance easier but sometimes it doesn’t scan correctly and marks you absent. The ID badges just sometimes get in the way of everyday things you have to always keep track of it and if you forget it at home you can get administrated U’s,” commented Devin Forster.

The ID badges have become a controversial subject with the students and the staff. Some teachers enforce it but some don’t but according to the administration, it is mandatory to be wearing their ID badges when they’re on school property.