The chemistry club is mixing up a good year

Devin Forster

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January 10, 2020

Chemistry… bleh… A word that makes most students think “sleep”. SURPRISE: There is a fantastic side to the numbers and tables we have learned to regurgitate. The chemistry is club is a club where each individual person has a certain skill. The club spends times working on innovative future projects based in the field of chemistry.

When interviewing them, they all were so eager to tell me all the things they love most about the club, and some creations they have made. The first kid showed me one of the most creative projects he ever made. This creation was a Solar Panel light he built that ran off rays of the sun. When looking at it, it almost looks like not even possible for someone so young to create. It causes you think to yourself how did he just do that with no power or batteries at all? Mind blowing… I know. You just have to remember that they’re extremely smart and have been doing it for years due to their passion for the subject.

In reference to their camaraderie as a club.

“I consider these people my family.” Stated one member of the club.

It’s curious how everyone gets along and teams up well. They were very eager to respond that when they get together they section everyone off in groups that have somewhat in common and know the same things. Once they do that, they are off and making more and more things.

In conclusion, the chemistry club is a wonderful group of kids who want to pursue there dreams as a chemist or whatever else they want to be. When they graduate it is most certain that they will due some special things.