How the season change affects your mood

Ireland Dannehold

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January 16, 2020

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During the September and October months, Davis county prepares for seasonal change from summer to fall. With these seasonal changes comes chaos with the preparations for colder months. Some things that may occur during these times are things that may effect your mental health, such as seasonal depression, and they may make activities that you usually enjoy not as appealing. There are about 3 million cases of seasonal depression per year. It usually starts in the fall and continues into the winter months.

“My mental health improves because fall is my favorite, Halloween, wearing warm clothes,the cold,” says Talia Swindell.

Some people’s mental health improves during this time. It could boost their mood as well as improves sleep, helps you burn calories, and it helps with your allergies. With limited sunshine our bodies produce less serotonin and more melatonin, making us less energetic. Lower serotonin levels are linked to depression. The reduced sunlight disrupts your body clock, drops your serotonin levels and may lead you into feeling depressed. Aerobic activity for 20-30 minutes of activity a week can improve cardiovascular health.

Some ways to deal with seasonal depression include going outside more, doing sports such as skiing, indoor swim at areas like surf n swim,  medications, and therapies.