The Davis High Women Empowerment Group (yes, oppression still exists)

It’s no secret that women aren’t treated as equals to men. In society, men are given a head start and girls are forced to lag behind and pick up after them. To combat this, Davis High has a Women Empowerment Group that deals with oppression.

Many of the problems women deal with are discussed during these meetings. For example, one topic they discussed was about embracing yourself and accepting your flaws. Another discussion that has been held by the Women Empowerment Group is about not apologizing for everything you do, which goes hand in hand with embracing your flaws. In a world full of oppression and judgement it is important to know principles like these, and the Women Empowerment Group is the perfect way to apply these principles.

Going to meetings, and participating in discussions does not only help yourself out, but it can help others as well.

“It [the Women Empowerment Group] helps me feeling more capable in certain situations that come,” says Women Empowerment Group member Brooklyn Haycock.

Brooklyn also talked about her aunt and how she defied all odds to become a manager of a company as a girl and survived cancer. Because oppression exists, we needed more people like Brooklyn and her aunt to minimize the gap in genders that society has created. They are exactly the kind of people the Davis High Women Empowerment Group are creating.