Vaping dilemma: pro or con?

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Child Care class
October 22, 2019

A lot of people are discussing the topic of vaping, or Juuling to be more exact. It has become a very popular activity, especially in social situations. It’s said to be much safer than cigarettes, but that’s very debatable by many people. The truth is, in the past, when vaping was first invented and becoming popular, they didn’t know enough about it to say whether or not it was harmful for your body. The smart thing to do would be to make the assumption that since they don’t know enough about it, it shouldn’t be inhaled into your body. It’s a similar situation to cigarettes in the 80’s- not enough was known about it, so it was assumed to be safe. It was harmless and made you feel extremely relaxed.

“It can harm the developing brain of kids and could affect memory and attention. It is also very damaging to unborn babies. Pregnant women shouldn’t use anything with nicotine,” stated webmd article.

With the information that it can affect unborn babies negatively and cause deformities, that should be enough evidence that it must not be something we, ourselves should be inhaling into our own bodies. Like it was stated in the first paragraph, there isn’t enough evidence and research on vaping, therefore we should stay far away from it.

There’s also evidence stating that 14 people have died from Juuling alone in the US, and even more cases from vaping. That number will keep increasing if people continue to Juul. There was a post on VSCO stating that someone had been in and out of the hospital due to Juuling. They stated they had been Juuling for 3 years, and it filled their lungs with fluid and they would continuously cough up blood. The doctors would send them home because they had no way of helping them, so they had to continue to be miserable with no solution. They also said that they would be sitting in class, and randomly start coughing, and with that, they would also cough up blood.

“It came out my mouth and nose,” they stated.

They referred to it as a “death stick”. If that doesn’t convince anybody to stay highly away from it, I don’t know what will.

Knowing that I used to be a vaper/”Juuler”, I know how dangerous and addictive it is. I still catch myself using Juuls every once in awhile, because the addiction speaks to me too strongly. This is a real serious problem, and it needs to be addressed- especially to the youth and teenagers.

The last point I have to make is the fact that they’re selling fruity/candy flavors. That targets children and teenagers extremely- knowing that the law states you have to be 19 or older to buy their products, they don’t stop others when they recognize a fake id, because they want to sell the products. They also very well know that any teenager could contact a 19 year old to get their goods for them. It’s so unsmart and straight up evil.

Those are my thoughts on Juuling and vaping- the Governor of Utah is trying to ban all vaping juices, and some people fully support that decision. It is destroying the lives of people on this earth by the minute!