Dress up and go to the Halloween party on Saturday!!

Cambree Santore

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Every Year for the past 4 years the cheerleaders at Davis High School have thrown a Halloween dance. With funds not provided by the school, the cheerleaders make up the money to throw this super fun party for all schools. Since Davis High doesn’t have very many dances the cheerleaders decided to take it into their own hands and throw a dance party outside of school. They put in a lot of effort to make sure everyone can have a good time, they even started planning since august. Its held at the fair grounds in Farmington so there is plenty of room for a lot of people.

“Its honestly such a fun night and you get to see all your friends from your school and other schools. The mosh is so crazy its amazing,” Daphne Krutsh said.

The Halloween dance is a great opportunity to dress up and dance. The best part about it is that all schools are invited. They even have a costume contest! Dressing up is encouraged so don’t be afraid to wear your best costume. It only cost $12 and $10 with a repost on social media. Come enjoy your Saturday evening with all your friends and even make new friends.