First time i ever watched Harry Potter!

Throughout all of my years of education I have never once seen or read harry potter. I’ve never really had an interest in it so I’ve never gotten into it. There’s a saying don’t just a book by its cover and I definitely made that mistake. I watched harry potter for the first time at eighteen years old. Honestly I was surprised about how interesting this movie is. It was never really clear to me that this movie series was a big deal I never really understood why everyone was so obsessed with it. But now I know.

For my first time watching harry potter i actually got pretty into it. The story line was very unique. At the beginning of the movie it shows the beginning of his life. He doesn’t live in the best conditions. On Harrys birthday Hargid brought him a birthday cake and took him to Hogwarts. Then his wizard journey goes from there. He meets new friends like Hermiony and Ron Weisley. He also met some enemies like Malfoy and Voldemore. Throughout the first movie he is basically just learning about his powers and how to use them.

Although this movie isn’t my favorite i still thought it was well thought out and the plot was very interesting. I give this movie a solid 8/10. But that’s just my own opinion. I think the actors and actresses are very  talented for the characters they are portraying. I had fun watching this movie and now i can finally say that I’ve watched it. If you have never seen Harry Potter i suggest giving it a try. You’ll be surprised at how interesting it is. You might even end up watching all 8 of the movies.