Shoplifting thief caught in kaysville just last week

Cody Crawford

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Shoplifting thief caught in kaysville just last week

Shoplifting is a major problem every year,  there is a loss of more than $10-$13 billion dollars. So when you put that milk chocolate snickers bar in your pocket is it worth the risk of having the police called or are you gonna cough up that $1.04?

People think that shoplifting saves you some money which it could, but once they catch you and you can get a fine up to 150- 500$ its called a civil charge and the stores are allowed to do it and they can call the police.

Shoplifting isn’t just stealing items, it also includes, hiding an item to avoid paying for it,  This can include altering price tags, manipulating merchandise, and putting goods into different containers or packaging to avoid paying all or part of the purchase price.

I just live in Kaysville Utah where there are Mormons everywhere, but even when it comes to shoplifting, I have gone into the gas stations and I have witnessed people shoplifting and them getting busted and then the police come or they just ban you from the store. Some people get lucky and do not get the police called and do not do it again but then there are the people who get the police called and still do it again.

When you walk into a store the first thing that the people working see is you, what your wearing and your appearance, Most the time its people aged 15-25 that they especially watch. When you walk into a store and you’re a teenager you get watched while you’re in there. When you go into Harmon’s grocery store in station park and you’re a teenager they have people that follow you around just to make sure.

I interviewed Isaac Whipple and asked him if he has ever witnessed shoplifting in the Kaysville area and he stated

“Just the other day at R&Bs gas station he saw someone shoplifting and the manager working put the kid  in a headlock and called the police and the kid was fighting to get away and then got away and ran, but when Whipple was done getting gas he went out of the gas station and went 2 blocks east and when I passes the kid, I saw 3 police officers talking to him”

The craziest part is it happens daily all around us,  would you rather ask your parents for 4.00$ or have the police or store call your parents and have them tell them you were shoplifting? think about that next time you shoplift.