Fun date ideas and advice

Cody Crawford

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January 15, 2020
Fun date ideas and advice

You finally have enough confidence to ask the girl of your dreams out, you ask her and she said she said that would be fun! so you ask if this Friday works and she says yes, Friday comes pretty fast, you pick her up and head over to station park and you sit and eat at blaze pizza, it is tasty and affordable after the wonderful meal you go to cherry berry and get some frozen yogurt and you finally take her home after you talk for a while and you walk to the door and go in for a kiss and right before your lips touch you wake up from your dream…

I have a couple of solutions for you when going on a date, first, ask the girl or boy in person be personable don’t ask them over text or plan it and know everything you’re going to be doing, some fun date ideas could consist of bowling, classic fun center, ice skating, seeing a movie, top golf, go to a zoo or an aquarium, Thrift ridiculous outfits to wear together.

If you are not close to this person you are asking you could go on a double date with one of her friends and your friends, make sure she is comfortable around you and talk to them before you just ask them and make sure you tell her when and where you’re going so she knows to dress appropriately for the occasion.

Tell jokes to talk to her keep her entertained, make it so she/him wants to be around you, go in feeling confident and yes I’m going to say it… be yourself.

If you are trying to get a smooch on the first date, just make sure the mood is right and keep your head up high and don’t move to fast, but if she does seem like she is in the mood and its been great night confidence is key.

If your dating the right person it should feel easy.