videogames of the decade


Cody Crawford

Although there were a lot of games and consoles that came out in the last 10 years everyone has there favorite games and favorite consoles to play on, there is different pros and cons on every console.

Some of the best memories are staying up late having great late nights with friends or siblings gaming super smash,  but lets start with what years the best and most popular video games came out.

In 2010 we had banger games come out,  we had red dead redemption, call of duty black opps, rock band 3 and last but not least of the year we had halo.

in 2011 we did not get many popular video games but we got modern warfare 3, Skyrim, Lego star wars 3 and even battlefield 3.

Overall the video game industry had a tough year in 2012 the most popular game we had coming in at number 1 we had black ops 2, coming in at 2nd we had Madden NFL ‘12 and coming in at top 3 we had Halo 4

Coming in at  number 1 selling in 2013 was GTA 5 come out, 2nd was  NBA 2k14, and 3rd was crisis 3.

2014 we had destiny, call of duty advanced warfare, forza horizon 3.

2015 the most popular game was fallout 4 black opps 3 and Halo 5

2016 we had over-watch, super Mario run Pokemon go

2017 we had fortnite, and batttle, WW11

2018 black opps 4, fall out 76 super mario party.

2019 we got apex, modern warfare destiny 2

the most popular console of the decade was the nintendo switch besting sonys playstaion 4 and microsofts xbox one. These three platforms including PC are the largest gaming platforms available. This decade was a great one for the gaming community and the coming decade will be have plenty to be excited for t0.