Athlete Spotlight: Jaqui Tidwell

Charity Maynes

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Meet Jaqui Tidwell, Davis High School senior and a member of the girl’s soccer team.

“I love to make people laugh. I could stay up all night hanging out with friends or Netflixing. Food is my best friend and we hang out together all the time. If I could have a $50 gift card anywhere it would be for Crumbl cookies because I live for sugar,” stated Jaqui.

Now that an introduction has taken place, we can dive into her passion behind soccer. She has been playing since she was 3 years old.

“My favorite thing about soccer is the fact that when you’re good, you’re good. When you’re team can just weave through the other team and create beautiful plays, that’s the best thing about soccer,” she stated.

She has incredible motivation to better herself and the team.

“Not letting my team down is my whole motivation. I never think ‘this is for me’ it’s always for the team.”

Jaqui has a great love to make those around her feel loved and important. She transfers her hard work in her world of soccer into every interaction with her friends and peers. She makes the world a better place and continues to benefit those around her.