Drug take back day: get rid of your unused prescription drugs!

Owen Capel

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This Saturday, October 26, is the semi-annual DEA national drug take back day. What is it? It is a day in which people can dispose of any unused or expired prescribed medication that may be lying around their homes at official locations set up near them. The purpose of this event is to fight against prescription drug abuse by giving people a source to get rid of any spare substances that may be misused.

Does this actually work? Well, in April 2019, 17,885 pounds of unused drugs were collected at the collection sites just in Utah. The nationwide results were even more impressive. 468.72 tons (937,443 pounds) was collected from 6,258 collection sites across the country in April. That was just one of the take back days. There has been a total of 7 beginning in May, 2016.

Utah actively participates in drug take back day every time, and has many collection sites across the state. Davis County alone has about 20 sites at locations such as the Kaysville police station, Layton police station, Farmington police station, Hill Air Force base, and many more. With all these collection sites within a 10 mile radius, the hopes are high for good results for this months take back day. If you or your family members has unused and/or expired prescription drugs that could potentially be abused or misused, now you know of a few places to get rid of them, and maybe save yourself from the temptations in your cupboard.