Millennials Under Fire

Megan Harris

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Previous generations have created chaos and unhealthy living expectations for millennials. Due to changes in society and technology each generation faces their own challenges, currently millennials are under attack. Society is trying to keep children safe. Individuals over protection of children affects their development. It is true that parents coddle, shield and attempt to keep the youth safe from uncomfortable and scary topics, but when they don’t perform to par, millennials are blamed for actions. Parents and guardians have unrealistic expectations and demand perfection from children without giving them the chance to learn and make mistakes. Older generations continue to judge younger versions of themselves and don’t realize the world is evolving. In this world, it is impossible for older generation’s actions and learning experiences to be the same as the millennials.  With the continuation of expected perfection, the millennial generation struggles with communication and independence.

An anonomys source claims, “Millennials communicate in a different way than previous generations. It is ok for us to be different.”

A vital developmental piece within a child is communication, parents create a standstill on development of skills because they feel the need to communicate for them. Peter Gray analyzes in “The Culture of Childhood: We’ve Almost destroyed it,” having kids communicate with peers helps them establish rules within themselves and to challenge to norms of their parents. College administrators attempt the continuation of protection from older generations negatively affects millennials communication and confrontation skills in the workplace.

Confrontation is scary but necessary piece of human interaction. Confronting their parent’s rules and finding their own allows them to find their voice. The lack of confrontation skills youth developed will start to change outcomes later in life.  Confrontation is an essential piece of authentic communication, without it, people will never reach the full potential of communication.

“If they would give us a chance, we would be able to prove to them we don’t lack communcation.”


Millennials are not given credit for the progressions they have instilled on world development. In all 6 articles, millennials are scrutinized for the way they live life and there is a lack of praise on evolution they have created for future generations. Millennials are technologically advanced compared to other generations. They have found ways to communicate effectively with one another through technology. Through technology millennials have changed the way that the world runs. This generation has changed the natural workplace, imprinting the idea to older generations of work-life-balance. Millennials are found to be much happier and more productive because they take time for themselves to participate in personal interests, social and family or leisure activity. As millennials are starting to enter the workplace older generations are shocked by the confidence and entitlement within this generation. These traits become a positive aspect within companies, millennials desire success and accolades. They want to be elite. Development within the workplace will continue to come with the competition of millennials attempting to reach the top. It would be beneficial for previous generations to see research on how millennials have changed the way the worlds narrative is written. Millennials are continuously evolving and adapting to the changes within the world and paving a road for future generations to live an authentic life.