This Weeks Weather Causing Winter Terrors

Jacob Thayne

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This Weeks Weather Causing Winter Terrors

With weather becoming worse and temperatures dropping more and more people are getting nervous. Driving to school has become more and more dangerous.

Some people have said, “I almost fishtailed driving out of my neighborhood,” or,”I slid down my driveway and hit a car!”

Temperatures have dropped to below freezing and cars are sliding more and more. How can students get to school safely? Here are some tips.

1 Drive slower. Driving slower can cause less slipping and better traction.

2 Don’t floor the gas. Flooring the gas causes spin outs and other problems.

3 Consider chains for heavily snowed in areas get chains for your tires.

4 Rocking. If you get stuck while in ice try to rock your car back and forth to free the tires.

5 Antifreeze. Even though most cars have antifreeze some may not install antifreeze it helps.

Using these five tips you should be able to drive safely to school and even to the mountains. Next time you are on a skiing trip make sure to use caution and drive slowly, don’t floor the gas, consider chains, rock the car, and antifreeze. Also don’t forget the all important seat belt. Next time you are driving somewhere use caution and slow down.