The Process of Graduating Early

Kaitlyn Tennant

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Graduation has been the one thing that I have dreamed of since the moment I walked through the big double doors of Davis High on my first day. But that’s not special, that’s every high school student’s dream right? What was special about my goal, was that I wanted to graduate a year early. Thanks to some amazing teachers and counselors at Davis High, my goal is going to be accomplished.

The process of getting there however, was not so glamorous. It took a lot of hard work, extra effort and time to accomplish. The first step I took towards reaching my goal was taking all academic classes. I did not take the traditional seminary and elective classes like other students. All I took were academic classes that I knew would satisfy all the credits and requirements I needed for graduation. I also took mostly concurrent enrollment classes so that I could get high school credit and college credit at the same time.

Another step I had to take was doing packets for classes outside of the ones I took at school. I did this so that I could fit more classes into my schedule, and still get the credits I needed by doing the packets. I did not figure all of this out on my own though. I needed a lot of help and guidance along the way. That is where the amazing counselors of Davis came in. At the beginning of each year I met with a counselor and outlined all the classes I would take to see how many credits I would get. We carefully planned out each year so that I would be able acquire all the credits I needed to graduate early.

A lot of people think that I am crazy for doing all of this extra work, but to me it is really important and I love putting in the hard work needed to accomplish my goals. Now thanks to all that hard work and the help of all my counselors and teachers, I am going to be able to accomplish my goal, graduate early and get a head start on college.