Coronavirus social media challenges

Kaitlyn Tennant

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It is no secret that things have been pretty crazy around here lately. Due to the Coronavirus, people are all staying at home which gives them plenty of time to be creative. During this time, I have seen more social media challenges than I have in the past three years. I have seen about 50 different challenges scrolling through my social media in just the past week. 

The ones that I have seen the most are the “until tomorrow” posts. I was confused when I first saw all of these, so for those of you who still are, the premise of this challenge is that when someone likes an “until tomorrow” post, the original poster is supposed to DM that person and tell them that they now have to post their own embarrassing picture and keep it up…until tomorrow. 

The next most common challenge is the sports ones. Someone who plays a sport will post a picture or a video of them playing that sport (usually on their story) and then tag about three more people to do the same thing. The chain goes on and on. The most common sports that I have seen do this are dance, basketball, and football.  

Another big movement that I have seen on social media is mostly done by celebrities and influencers. It is the “#stayhome” movement. Celebrities will post pictures of themselves either with their families, with friends or just by themselves at home to try and influence their followers to stay home as well. 

The last challenge that has gone viral during the quarantine is the plank challenge on Tik Tok. This is when people do a plank workout that goes along with a song on Tik Tok. This is also a part of the effort for people to stay fit at home during the quarantine while all the gyms are closed down.