Movies to watch while quarantined

Kaitlyn Tennant

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Movies to watch while quarantined

With the Coronavirus floating around in the air, everyone is self-isolating themselves and staying home to help slow the transmission of it. However, staying home for weeks on end can be pretty boring. One of America’s favorite things to do while at home is none other than a movie night! There have been plenty of new movies that have come out, especially on Netflix, so here are some movies to watch on Netflix while you’re at home. 

For all the people out there who love romantic comedies, one of the top trending movies on Netflix is a movie called Valentine’s Day. This movie follows the stories of multiple couples on Valentine’s Day and they all fit together like a puzzle in the end. There are a lot of stars in this movie as well. 

For those who love thrillers and horror movies, the top trending movie for you is one called The Platform. This movie is about a prison where inmates on higher floors get more food than those on the lower floors, who just get their scraps. However, this movie is definitely not for the faint of heart so watch at your own risk. 

All the action and adventure lovers out there will love a movie called 2012. It is about a dad who is desperately trying to save his family when a flood of natural disasters hit. This movie will have you on the edge of your seat the entire time. 

Comedy is probably one of the most popular movie genres on Netflix. They have a bunch of comedy classics on there, but the number one trending movie is Hitch. IF you have never seen this movie, you need to watch it ASAP! It is about a man (played by Will Smith) that helps clients make a good impression on the first date. It is a hilarious movie that also has a little bit of a sweet side.