Unique names of Davis High

Ireland Dannehold

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Kendra Scotts Jewerly
January 16, 2020
Unique names of Davis High

Here at Davis High, there are around 2,800 students, and with that many students there are some of them with very unique names. Names such as Talia, Kelty-Lyn, Charity, Sugar, Elle, Whiley, Tyla, Lars, Giovanni, Rex, Dax, Lachlan, Gladys, Chalissi, Bowen, Kale, and Cambry. We took a poll and asked the Journalism class what their favorites are, and we came up with the conclusion that they are Kelty-Lyn, Lachlan, and Sugar.

“My mom  liked being outdoors and camping, and she would spend weekends at RIE in Alaska, and my parents looked at Kelty brand and they liked all the stuff,when they found out they were having a girl one of the names they thought would be cute and different was Kelty,” says Kelty-Lyn on how she got her name.

“Sugar is a normal name in Peru, and my dads name is also Sugar. When we moved to America, we realized how unique it was.” says Sugar S. The name Sugar is a very unique name and among one of the favorites of Davis High.

“It’s of Scots- gael origin , an abbreviation of the gaelic word for viking. The word was given to the nordi invaders first on the isle of Orkney, from there the name spread to other gaelic nations, the direct translations include “viking,warlike, invader from the land of the lochs, or simply Scandinavia.” Lachlan stated.

These three names are above all distinctive and very exclusive names, and Davis is very glad to have some one-of-a-kind students with cool names at our school.