Attending Class and Why it is Important

Tucker Prescott

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January 13, 2020

Group of high-school students in a classroom, during lesson.

Attending class, it’s something that every student dread’s, some students dread it more than others, all students enjoy some classes better than others, but everyone can relate to not wanting to attend class daily.

Although many students try to avoid class attendance as much as possible does attending these classes help you in the long run? Or even in a short-term perspective? How can something this hated to be good for students?

Yes, it is nice to not go to class and avoid the stress of class, no one can argue with that, but going to class is very important for multiple reasons. The first the most important and obvious reason being education. It is very hard to get an education or be educated without being present for the teachings or lessons. The information doesn’t just get learned, remembered at random times, or to earn an education you must be present to learn the information and absorb and learn from it.

The second reason attending school is the social interaction and learning social skills. In class you are around others interacting not only through education and tasks, but often times you can meet someone people with similar personal interests and even people who have different personal interests. This teaches students to communicate and get along with others in many different situations which is important for everyone in all times and situations.

The third and final reason for attending school is the setting. In the future students will be in a similar setting like the classroom setting for example, being at job trainings or possibly an interview. Who knows, maybe the students will be the one’s writing on the chalk board. I think the classroom setting really prepares you for future and that is the point of school I think is very important.

Although it can be hard to find the interest or motivation to go to class every day, attending school is very important and it prepares you for the future. Attending school is a part of being a good, and successful student in school.