The Fabulous Mr. Fahrenbach

Kaitlyn Tennant

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Have you ever heard of a teacher who is also a fireman, a motorcyclist, and an avid bicyclist? Well, now you have. His name is Brian Fahrenbach and he teaches medical anatomy and advanced health science at Davis High. He has been teaching at Davis for 21 years, and before that he taught Davis students up at the DTC! Talk about defending the tradition!

Mr. Fahrenbach has 2 kids with his wife and has 3 grandchildren. Him and his wife love to spoil their grand-kids every chance they get. In his free time Mr. Fahrenbach loves to bicycle, motorcycle, run, and walk his dogs. He is also a volunteer fireman and works at Energy Solutions and works the Jazz games. You really could say that this guy does it all!

Originally Mr. Fahrenbach did not want to be a teacher. He wanted to be an ichthyologist, which is someone who studies fish! However, after he graduated from college he took a long-term substituting position for a teacher who was out for a surgery, and he said he was hooked ever since. His favorite thing about teaching are all the students he gets to meet and teach over the years. If he could teach one other subject he said he would teach kinesiology, which is the study of the mechanics of body movement.

Also, one fun fact about Mr. Fahrenbach is that he has a total of more than 160 sick days and 27 vacation days saved up!

“I could go to Europe, I could take off a whole year, fake a sickness. I know people that could sign that form for me,” Fahrenbach jokingly said when asked what he would do with those sick days.

He then said that he loved his students and job too much for that. Sadly, he said that he will be retiring soon, so when asked what he would do when he is retired he said this:

“Pretty much the same thing I’m doing now, except not the teaching. Ride bikes, ride motorcycles, do a lot more traveling on bicycles and motorcycles, I could walk my dogs. I wouldn’t have to walk them at four-thirty in the morning, I could walk them at seven or eight in the morning.”

There are may people who love Mr. Fahrenbach and all of the classes he teaches and I think I speak for everyone when we say thank you to him for being such a great teacher. I can personally say that Mr. Fahrenbach is one of the best teachers I have had, and has made my love for the medical field grow. So, if you ever have the chance to take one of his classes, definitely go for it and you will see just how funny and amazing this guy is for yourself!