Santa’s substitute

Wyatt Ko

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April 21, 2020
Santas substitute

ATTENTION ALL READERS. SANTA NEEDS YOUR HELP!! Every single year in Utah there over 90,000 children that do not get a Christmas. These kids live in a household that is too poor to afford Christmas gifts. Although we cannot help every single child in Utah have a Christmas, we can help a few.

“The tradition has been alive for well over 15 years,” said Mr. Gunn, the student body officer adviser.

Sub for Santa has been a tradition for well over 15 years. Throughout that lifespan, the goal of Sub for Santa keeps changing. Last year the goal of Sub for Santa was $25,000.

This year Davis High School is aiming for a high goal of $20,000. Although this may seem like a very high goal, the students at Davis can truly accomplish this goal. There are 2,600 students enrolled at Davis High School this year. If only 2,000 students were able to donate just $10, then the goal would be easily met. All of this money is not just being randomly spread out into the world.

“We give the money to the district and then the district gives it to homeless students in the District. Some money is saved to buy things for homeless students that go to Davis as well,” said Micah Laub, a student body officer.

Last year there was a bigger challenge than this year. The goal was $25,000. We managed to pull through in the end for that goal, even though it was a very difficult challenge. This $25,000 goal has been the most ambitious for the school. Last year was also the year in which Davis High School students donated the most to Sub for Santa.

Regardless of the difficulty of the challenge, Davis High students will rise to any challenge that is given to them. Please be a part of this challenge by donating to Sub for Santa and help someone that needs you.