My quarantine journal

Wyatt Ko

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The quarantine has had unique effects on everybody that has been subjected. This is the story of my quarantine.
I wake up dazed. I look up at my clock and it reads 8:30 pm, had I woken up that late in the evening? Then again, I had done homework all night. The quarantine has genuinely messed up my sleep schedule. I am sleeping from 12 pm to 8:30 pm on most days. Staying up all night and sleeping during the day makes doing my schoolwork even more difficult. I wonder how I’m going to get myself out of this situation.
Lately, with the quarantine, I have had trouble finding inspiration to do any of my schoolwork. I’m a senior in high school in their final term, after having been accepted by a college. Is there any reason for me to do my work?
Since day 1 of the quarantine I’ve had to ask myself “What is my motivation today?” By doing that I thought that I would be able to find my motivation and actually end up doing the work of my own accord. The sad truth is that this isn’t the case.
As each day passes in this self-imposed prison, it is increasingly more apparent how difficult modern humans would take subsisting.
Perusing the news no longer brings new information. Everything is the same and it is generally about people being dumb. This is why I no longer watch the news. I try to fill my empty time instead with my job and severe binge-watching of tv. Of course, with most repetitious activities, these are also becoming quite tiresome to keep up with.
In terms of going outside, I have only gone outside twice since April has started. Luckily instead of going stir crazy, I have merely stopped thinking in all entirety. I have stopped thinking about most issues and I have let my emotions take control of me and my daily habits.
One detriment of this quarantine and this sleep schedule is that I have been reduced to eating one meal a day with no snacks. I don’t quite know what I have become.