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Wyatt Ko

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My quarantine journal
April 21, 2020

Utah is beginning to see an increase in Coronavirus cases. As of April 7th, Utah has 1738 cases. Alarmingly, Utah had 1012 cases just on April 1st. 700 more cases within a singular week. It is because of this increase that everybody has been quarantined into their homes. Now the trouble is the boredom that follows being quarantined for an indefinite period. I have had no trouble acclimating to this. Most people though are slowly going crazy, not knowing what to do with this isolative time. Here are some things that I do, that might be able to help you keep sane while stuck at home. 

Surprisingly, many people, I included, have been taking this time to learn a new hobby or skill. This quarantine has given almost everybody in the United States, enough time to work on themselves and to better themselves. Taking this time to read, create a new stream of income, learn more about yourself, or better your place in life right now is a great usage of your time in this trying situation. I have taken this time to calm myself from the stresses of my graduation and the current situation that I am in by reading a book; Declutter Your Mind by S.J. Scott and Barrie Davenport. 

Due to the consistent quarantine that has now been placed upon us, almost all families across the continental United States have resorted to cooking at home. Cooking can become an enjoyable hobby and it’s essential for the survival of an average citizen in the modern-day. I often try to cook at least one meal a day, that way I can continually increase my skill and ability while still providing food for those in my household. 

Of course, there’s always the route of binge-watching tv and playing lots of video games. This isn’t always the worst way to pass the time, but you must stay observant of exactly what needs to be done in your daily schedule and how much time you’re dumping into this activity. 

The best thing that I have done so far is worked from home. Work has given me a way to stave off the boredom while still earning money. It may be difficult for a high schooler to get a job that allows them to work from home, but if you’re looking for one Vector Marketing gives lots of high school seniors an opportunity. 

Despite everything that has happened so far this year, remember that the main goal of all of this quarantine is to stay safe and to make sure that you don’t infect anybody else! Stay safe everybody!