Coach Spotlight: Kassie Davis

Kelty Dagley

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Kassie Davis is the head coach for the Davis High Cheer team. She has been the coach for the past few years and has high expectations for the team. Some of her favorite hobbies include traveling, spending time with family, shopping, and coaching.

Kassie loves bringing people together through coaching.

“Seeing the results of their hard work through the improvements of an individual and the team as a whole and building lasting relationships,” she replied, when asked what her favorite part about coaching was.

She continued saying that coaching allows her to use her talents and skills and feels confident about her abilities to contribute good things to the world. As a coach, she feels that it is her duty to teach them how to be successful in life on and off the mat, to be better people, and treat people kindly.

“The most rewarding part of coaching cheer is that I get to teach others about mental strength. Execution is a big part of what goes into winning, but it definitely isn’t everything. In life, being great at anything takes mental strength.”

Kassie decided to become a cheer coach because she wanted to provide teams with guidelines for a bright and amazing future. She wants her teams to remember her words and carry them into adulthood.

“I want to be the reason that they have a good experience and remember the memories that have been provided to them.”

Kassie’s vision for the cheer team is called “The Four P’s.” The four P’s are positive experience, promoting one another, having a purpose, and being good people. The program is centered on the cheerleaders and used as a source of direction for them.

“The Davis cheerleaders promote and spread school pride throughout the year. Whether they like it or not, many people judge a school based on how the cheer squad members present themselves in public and how they behave, dress and the language they use. Davis Cheerleaders have to realize they are viewed as role models, whether they are in uniform or not,” Kassie replied when prompted on why the cheerleaders are important to the school.

Kassie Davis strives for her cheerleaders to do the best in all areas of their lives. Her high expectations and goals for the team set them up for success. Kassie said that coaching has made her a better person.

“Whether you realize it or not, what you say to an athlete could impact them for the rest of their lives for better or worse. So choose your words wisely!”