The Hot Spots for Hot Chocolate

Kaitlyn Tennant

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When you think of winter, what do you think about? Personally, I think of all things cold like playing in the snow, sledding, skiing and snowboarding. And after all of those frosty activities, you need something nice and warm to stop your chattering teeth and heat up your goose bump-riddled skin. What better treat to do that than a steaming mug of hot chocolate? Whether you want whipped cream, marshmallows, peppermint, milk chocolate or dark chocolate here are all the hot spots you can go to to get your daily cup of hot coco.

One of the most popular, local spots to go get hot chocolate is the Starbucks at Station Park in Farmington. This is a popular spot because they have so many kinds and you can add any flavors and fix-ins that you want! Of course, all of this comes at a price. Starbucks can be pretty pricey depending on what you get. However it is all so worth it because the quality and the taste is just so heavenly.

The next most popular places to get hot chocolate are just your local gas stations. There are so many around here like Maverik, 7-Eleven or Chevron. Which ever one you go to they all have some steaming hot chocolate ready for you and your friends! The benefits of getting hot chocolate from these gas stations is it’s a lot cheaper than Starbucks. The downside of these places is they don’t have as many flavors and things that you can add to your hot coco, but hey, all hot coco is delicious no matter where you get it.

If you are up to taking a little drive, there are so many cute cafes and coffee houses in Salt Lake that have some pretty delicious hot chocolate! The three most popular places are Hatch Family Chocolates, The Rocky Mountain Chocolate Factory and Les Madeleines. These are all cute shops and cafes that have amazing hot coco. Some people even say that you haven’t had true hot chocolate until you’ve tried the famous hot coco from one of these places. No matter which hot spot you go to there are so many unique and tasty flavors, so get out there and expand your hot coco horizon!