Disney’s The Mandalorian

    Malachi Edwards

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    December 13, 2019

    Is The Mandalorian over-hyped? It’s all anyone is talking about online, but does it live up to other Star Wars like A New Hope or is it more of a Phantom Menace? The Mandalorian is a great new installment of the Star Wars franchise. Critics and fans love the story of this lone bounty hunter and his small force-sensitive friend.

    At the end of the first episode, the Mandalorian referred to as Mando by his friends goes on bounty hunting missions to get money so he can get a full suit of Mandalorian armor. On a mission to retrieve a target said to be 50 years old, he discovers his target is a baby alien that looks to be of the same species of Yoda. Even though he is 50 years old he acts a looks like a baby because of the way his species ages. This baby Yoda is insanely cute and has blown up on the internet with memes. Everyone loves baby Yoda and can’t get enough of him onscreen.

    “Baby Groot and baby Yoda need to be friends.”- Isaac Whipple

    Although, the only way to watch The Mandalorian is to get a subscription to Disney’s new streaming service Disney Plus. Disney Plus comes with almost all of the Disney movies ever made also with Marvel movies and Star Wars too. This has brought hordes of people to watch Mando and baby Yoda’s adventures.

    “The Mandalorian is the best show made in the Star Wars universe since the original trilogy.”- Joe Quillen

    It’s set after the fall of the Empire and before the emergence of the First Order. So Mando is living right after when Luke defeated the empire and brought peace to the solar system. Every episode makes you wanting more and keeps you watching. It’s a spectacular new perspective on the Star Wars universe that makes you crave everything Star Wars.