It’s ski season ladies and gentlemen

Joe Quillen

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Its ski season ladies and gentlemen

It’s that time of year again my fellow skiers and snowboarders. Run out to the shed grab your gear and dust it off to get ready for what’s about to be a powdery season. All the local ski resorts have opened and are ready to be shred. Whether you go to Powder Mountain, Snow Basin, Alta, Snowbird or any other of the local resorts your sure to find powder around every corner, and if you have found any yet don’t worry! This year is the year of EL NINO, in other words, the weather patterns have shifted just right to give us a great year with plenty of snow.

I ski at snow basin so I can only speak for the snow conditions on that particular mountain. Snow basin also seems to be the most popular resort for people living in Kaysville and the surrounding areas.

As of the last time I was on the mountain only seven runs had been opened, but more have been opened since. The snow cover wasn’t bad but a little choppy in some places, hitting small patches of ice wasn’t uncommon either in high traffic areas. The clouds have been hanging low resting on the tops of the mountains at the beginning of the season, mostly due to the recent aversion we have experienced, but has cleared up in the past few days with nothing but blue skies and an open mountain.

Weather forecasts have picked a storm brewing and you can count on its arrival early next week to add to the 54” base that has already been received this year. The storm will come through right in time to hit the mountain all Christmas break and more snow is bound to be on the way. Don’t forget to grab your gloves and cap on the way out the door, and have a great season shredding on the slopes.