Stuck at home? just grab some headphones!

Joe Quillen

Its been who knows how many days since the start of quarantine. With practically everything closed and no school it seems has though the world just decided to stop spinning. Like most people I haven’t done much during this quarantine other than video games, movies, and the occasional skateboard session outside. The days are just starting to fade all into one big cycle, wake up, eat, chores, video games, eat, back to sleep and repeat.

My quarantine so far is only enough to cover 75 words of this weeks story, so for the rest I will talk about how 2020 is possibly one of the best years for music we have seen in a long time. With it only being April, we have already seen projects dropped from big artists like Lil Uzi Vert with his project Eternal Atake, Mac Miller with his project Circles, Eminem and his project Music to be Murdered by, Lil wayne with his album Funeral, Greenday and their newest album Father of all…, Tame Impala and his long awaited project The Slow Rush, Jack Harlow with a surprise project Sweet Action, the list goes on.

Considering that it is only April and not even summer yet you can be sure that we haven’t seen an end to this monumental year for music. Lots of music has already been announced and much more to come our way to keep our heads up and smiling while stuck at home.