HOPE Squad: spreading hope and love

Isaac Whipple

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HOPE Squad: spreading hope and love

The Davis High HOPE Squad is a group of students here at Davis high who help raise awareness for mental illness and depression. The HOPE squad is always there for anyone with a problem and need someone to talk to. The harsh truth and reality is that suicide rates have increased over the years and we can all do things to help all it takes is a “hello.”

This week the HOPE squad will be hosting “hope week”. Hope week is full of different activities for every day of the week, to celebrate Valentine’s Day coming up the HOPE squad put up big hearts which say cheesy pick up lines on each one.

On Monday they put “hope” on all the doors with a little message inspiring people to speak up about their problems with mental health. As the week continues on the HOPE squad will continue to add one more thing to the school or make an activity up for every day of the week.

“I like knowing I have someone to go talk to if I ever need help with some mental health issues, it is nice having a whole week just to help spread awareness to all the kids so we can all help solve the problem,” commented Joe Quillen.

Be sure to keep an eye out for every activity they will be doing, and keep in mind to always be a good friend to everyone.