New year new me

Cambree Santore

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New year new me

This new year is extra special this year. 2020 isn’t only the start of a new year but its the start of a new decade, how exciting is that? As students in high school, the new decade brings plenty of new things for us. This is basically the start of our whole lifes. With that comes all the goals we set and resolutions we made. New years resolutions are a common thing for people to make and hold to. It’s a way for you to hold your self responsible and accountable for the things you do.

There are many different kinds of New Year’s resolutions. The most popular goal is to stay healthy. Such as exercising Everyday, eating healthier, and some people even cut out sugar for the whole year! At the beginning of the year you will notice several people getting gym passes and going to the gym quite frequently. But that doesn’t usually held throughout the year.

Other resolutions and goals include mental health, being social and getting out of your comfort zones. With a fresh start, people will tend to take the time to begin to work on themselves and their mentality. Learning to be happy and grateful for the things you have and create a positive mental space for you to grow. Some people make goals to be more outgoing. Doing this helps people be more proactive. Some people even start dressing different or restart their social media feeds.

The new years indicate a new start and several people around the world take advantage of this opportunity to change for the better. Think about your new year’s resolutions and how you can set them to help them stay and actually help you in your day to day life. Keep in mind that with this new decade its time to focus on yourself and improve yourself!