Shorter school week?

Owen Capel

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Shorter school week?

Some school systems around the country have switched to a four day school week. Could Davis High do the same? A four day school week would entail school on Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday, but not on Friday. This obviously sounds appealing to most students who hear about it. A three day weekend every week? It sounds pretty awesome.

There would be a lot of benefits of a four day school week (besides only having to go to school four days a week). Some of these would likely include better overall attendance among students, a more content student body, and the school could potentially save lots of money from the reductions of the cost of operation. Also, a lot of students get really excited when they hear about four day school weeks. Here is what a few Davis High students thought about a four day week…

“A four day school week would be better I think because it would be easier to stay organized and caught up since we’d have one less day to worry about,” stated Ashton Weber (senior).

“It would be awesome to have a four day school week because…school freaking sucks,” stated Eli Borup (senior).

The only problem is that the school days would be longer, most likely lasting from 8 AM to 4 PM as many school districts on four day schedules have it. The longer school days would have a larger affect on the students and faculties energy levels than they do now. However, based on many peoples opinions, they would still prefer a four day school week with longer days than a five day school week.

Davis High School has never mentioned the possibility of switching to a four day school week schedule, and the likliness of it ever happening is pretty slim. However, if people make a big enough deal about it, you never know what will happen.