Jami Healey

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January 16, 2020
Jami Healey

Jami Healey, an appreciated teacher at Davis High School, has been teaching for five years. Healey is very passionate about her job. Her favorite part of her job is helping kids like science and understand it.

“both parents are teachers, and she didn’t know that she wanted to actually teach until she took a couple classes in college,” she explained as to why she started teaching.

Her hobbies during summer are sleeping in, vacationing, exercise, and if she actually did read she would do that during summer. Healey thinks that if she weren’t teaching science she would be a doctor or something that also is science related. She has a strong connection when it comes to science, she enjoys the mysteries of it and how applicable it is to everyday life.

“I like Mrs. Healey because she’s nice and she’s like the “cool teacher”. She sacrificed her time being with her family to come teach us last minute. She understands everyone and their needs. She’s not too hard on everyone and she does have expectations and she makes sure you know what she expects of you. She’s a wonderful person overall and I strive to be like her everyday,” says junior Nicole Shiffler.

She went to Brigham University and Weber State in college and while there she did a lot of cool stuff.

A fun fact…”I was on modern dance team in college,” commented Healey.

“A cool fact about science is that a mantus shrimp can break through glass,” said Healey. “My husband told me that just today.”

Mrs. Healey is an inspiring teacher and all of her students and the administration love having her here teaching us new things to wonder about science.