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Spotlight: Cade Bradshaw
January 13, 2020

DTV is an awesome fun way to be a part of something here at Davis high school. The broadcast has been going on for a long time. DTV is a fun news broadcast about whats going on here at Davis high school. All the students that are apart of it work really hard on each and every broadcast and they love it.

Talking to Aiden Hansel, we asked him what the best part of being on DTV was, he said:

“I love knowing what goes on behind the scenes and seeing what it takes to make just one episode or broadcast.”

There is a lot of things that go into making an episod of DTV. The team has to think of a topic and how they want to tell its story. They have to interview and film with people to get the full story.

His favorite thing about being in the class was the good environment it has.

We also asked him why should someone want to be apart of dtv? he said:

“You just have so much fun on camera and you meet new people in that class, plus its fun to see what a goof you are.”

Being on camera can be a very fun thing. You can see if that is a field that you could maybe want to go into. If you get into the class you can be infront of the whole school and put your mark on the school.

Derrick Miller is the teaacher in charge of dtv, and he really likes it. He said at first he was really nervous about it and that his camera skills were very rusty. but the students do it all. He loves how good the students are here and really likes that he can let them do thier own thing.

“it is really nice being able to take a step back and let students do their own thing”

DTV is a great opportunity to be in a fun class that you can be apart and know what is going on in the school. Everyone should consider joining and being apart of an awesome class.