Boys Basketball


    This season Davis’s Boys Basketball team is on fire with an undefeated season of 10-0. The Darts played Bingham and Fremont over winter break and won both games. They beat Bingham with a score of 80-56 and Fremont with a score of 85-74.

    The Fremont game was a big game for the Darts players especially for Trevan Leanheardt who scored 20 points, Jake Sampson who scored 16 points, and Jax Pearce who scored 15 points. This was the first win for Davis against Fremont in three years. This was a memorable game for the Darts seasons.

    Varsity player, Dax Pew says that, “these next few games will be easy wins for us.”

    Which these games were because this week the Darts played Syracuse with a win of 74-35. Although it was a blow out game it was an aggressive game played by both team. The Darts also faced Roy High School this weekend and won with a score of 69-53.

    Dax also expressed the cohesion of the team has increased exponentially as the Darts have progressed into the season. This is because of the tremendous amount of success the Darts have had and the hard work and effort the team has put into the game.

    This has been an awesome season for the Darts, let’s keep it going and make it to play-off’s!!