Alan Spaulding: Teacher, Farmer, Mentor.

Owen Capel

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If you have ever had any of the following classes you are lucky. Animal science, aquaculture, plant and soil science, or floriculture. This is because if you have had any of these classes, then you have most likely had Alan Spaulding as a teacher. Spaulding is by far the most god-tier teacher that dwells within Davis High School. It is a wonder that he even works here at all. If we are all being honest with ourselves, Spaulding is too good for this school.

One of the reasons Spaulding is such a magnificent character is his storytelling ability. That man has had many unbelievable life experiences and often times blesses his students by sharing them. It doesn’t matter if he is in the middle of class or even teaching a lesson. If you ask him a question about anything, he will stop what he is doing and answer your question in a way that the greatest minds of history would have trouble competing with.

More than anything else at Davis High School, the students here love Mr. Spaulding. The only thing harder to find than a Unicorn or bigfoot would be a negative comment about Mr. Spaulding. He is considered an idol by many here at this school.

“The man dressed up as Santa Claus for us. I really liked it when he dressed up as Santa Claus,” stated Brody Inman.

Any teacher who would dress up as Santa Claus for their students would most likely do anything for their students. What would this school be if we didn’t have Alan Spaulding teaching here? Nothing. Absolutely nothing.