A Day In The Life Of A Magician

Jacob Thayne

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Have you ever seen a street performer or a magician do an amazing illusion that caused you to question life itself? Although that was an overstatement you may have said “How did you do that?” but what exactly is “MAGIC”.

Magicians spend hours at a time to practice and master these skills and sleights. However, wannabee magicians use fairly easy tricks that require no skill or mastery at all. These tricks will allow a small shock and some questioning, but what makes professionals so much better than unskilled people.

Magicians use sleights and card control as well as gimmicks and other items to create illusions that wow and impress even other magicians. Coin magic is known as one of the hardest types of magic, this is because it requires the most skill and practice to master. although some card tricks can be extremely impressive like color changes and jogs as well as more advanced methods, these require less skill than manipulating a coin that is extremely small and difficult to move. Magicians (like me) love to see people’s reactions and constantly carry coins and cards for close up magic in a slow time.

The reactions are the best part, being able to confuse people and make them think that what you did is impossible.
The best types of magic are street and close up magic, these require the most skill and preparation to be able to get the best reactions ever. Close up magic is the hardest form because the magician uses both coins and cards in extremely close quarters. This means that you can both see what they are doing and call them out if you see it. Street magic is another form of close up but it uses everyday objects and can get super cool reactions from people. The reason that magicians do what they do best is for the reactions.