Procrastination: I’ll do it later

Truman Nickle

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Procrastination: Ill do it later

Everybody does it, and there seems to be no way around it for most people.

Procrastination is a horrible thing, don’t get me wrong, but some people really do better when they’re pressured rather than over time. It’s kind of a “heat of the moment type thing” where the best performance is the one that is actually improvised.

The necessity of getting something done right away and then actually getting it done is definitely a rush… it’s a rush that comes after the massive surge of stress placed upon you when you remember that you still need to do it. Over 75% of students admit to procrastinating from time to time.

“I procrastinate so badly, and it’s really terrible at the end of the term. But during the middle of the term, I’m relatively stress-free,” said Mary Hayden.

That’s the golden side of procrastination, there is little to no stress during most of the year and then it’s just placed on you all at once, so it makes it seem a lot lesser in the grand scheme of things.

Most people just wait till the end of each term to do all of their big projects, or at least till the end of the due date. Most teachers always say that an essay cannot be completed in one day, and then on standardized tests, that all changes. On the ACT, for example, you are asked to complete a full essay in just a couple of minutes. Good thing procrastination trained us to be able to do it in one day.