Spirit week: bop or flop?

Jacob Thayne

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Davis high school spirit week is a annual event that the SBO’s plan in advance to raise morale after the first semester ends. This years themes were wacky day, game day, Hawaiian day, 80’s day, and Disney day. But why is school spirit important, and was this years successful?

What is spirit week? Not only did students get to see lots of weird things (full jedi robes) students also had the opportunity to receive free food. Although free food sounds like a surefire way to get seniors to attend an activity, most people just want to get away from school for a while.

“I just can not stand people sometimes,” stated an undisclosed source when asked why they weren’t too eager to participate.

“When i didn’t know what to wear i just went with the theme for the day,” commented another anonymous source, explaining why they did like participating.

You may be wondering why is school spirit important? Mrs. Hoyt, a Davis High history teacher, summed the idea up very well.

“School spirit is something that brings the school together and allows morale to rise.”

School spirit also benefits Davis High athletes. Roaring crowds can give a huge adrenaline rush to athletes allowing more intense play. The intense play allows the DHS MOB to get even more crazy allowing even harder play and more adrenaline to rush through the brains of everyone attending.

So the next time the school has a spirit week, don’t be afraid to get involved!