Ready, Set, Coach!

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A woman known for her leadership skills towards students in need of a mentor, as well as someone for other teachers to rely on in need, Coach Salvo is a beacon of responsibility and trust in her current position.

Right now Coach Salvo is the coach for golf as well as volleyball. She also teaches the fitness classes at Davis High, such as fit for life and lifetime activities. She has been proudly teaching at Davis High for ten years, however, she has been teaching at other locations for over 39 years.

When Coach Salvo is not teaching or working hard, she loves to play pickle ball. She loves teaching sports and encouraging the physical activity of the students under her tutelage.

”When students come in and work hard as well as doing what they are told, is my favorite part of the job,” says Coach Salvo. She loves to have fun and work with the kids here at Davis high.

“I want kids to work hard and learn, and take what they learn to get motivated and to learn more” says Coach Salvo.

Coach Salvo cares about the physical education of the students and wants them to take what they learn here at Davis High and apply it to their daily lives. She wants kids to know when it is right to be distracted by their phones, and when it is time to learn. Coach Salvo loves life everyday and tries to give back everyday.