Snow-cones with Sadie

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April 25, 2022

Hokulia is a snow cone shack where you can go and get the best of flavors. Lots of kids at Davis loves this place for it is in their price range and it is also very delicious. Sadie Hathaway is manager at Hokulia and she loves working there. They are now open for this summer so you can go check them out.

“I like shaved ice because it is busting and it makes my tummy feel WAHOO!” Said Graham Capel a senior here at Davis High.

The best sellers at Hokulia are tigers blood and blue raspberry this is Sadies third summer working at the shack and she has loved it. They are also hiring right now if anyone is interested in a summer job.

“My favorite flavor is either blue hawaii or the 808 combination.” Said Sadie Hathaway

They have 3 locations close to Davis, One by Winco, one by the mall, and one by vasa! Head on over to hokulia today to get the best shaved ice you have ever had. A lot of students at Davis High say they really like the flavors and the prices and it is very reasonable. So if you are ever looking for someone to get good shaved ice, you know where to go.

I love shaved ice at the snow cone shack because its something to do in the summer.” Said Kaden Francom

Keep snow cone shacks alive and well by visiting one this summer to cool off.