The power of BBQ

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Grilling and Barbecuing is an art. Sizzling meats to perfection for guests to indulge in. The question is,,. which food item wears the BBQ crown?  Whether you like sausages or burgers, everyone has their favorites. It also depends how passionate the person grilling is. They play a big part in making the food memorable. The majority of society would say grilling is more of a summer thing.

“The grill goes away mostly in the winter but other then that we have it out quite a bit.” said Max Cheney a senior here at Davis.

Something beautiful about grilling, is that it brings people together. This is why the food has to be so good because it has to match the energy of the people that are attending a barbecue, even if its for the family, usually the person grilling is putting lots of effort and love into the food they are preparing. Which makes the food taste ten times better.

“My dad is so good at grilling and he puts lots of love into the food he makes.” said Grace Jergensen – Senior at Davis High.

Without grilling social events would be so boring. People love food, it is a part of our American culture. BBQ helps bring people to a good time. The smell of seasoned meat is amazing and who doesn’t wanna be around that. Grilling is super important and you need to have one at the next party you plan this summer.