Athlete spotlight: Annie Fuller

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Annie Fuller, a Davis High varsity, senior on the girls’ basketball team, has learned a lot from playing and being apart of a team.

Annie has been playing basketball for about four years. Over this time, she’s gotten much more aggressive. She feels more comfortable and more confident in her sho as well. She’s gained confidence, friendships, and many memorable experiences.

Annie enjoys basketball because it is a fast and energetic sport that requires lots of focus and attention to detail. She also described the whole experience as exciting, especially when the team wins.

In her opinion,

“the best part of playing basketball is the friendships she gets to make.” “We’re all best friends and we all hang out.”

The girls are close, have a fun dynamic, and are very enthusiastic when it comes to their pastime.

She also likes that it keeps her busy and fills her time.

Being apart of a team has taught her some life lessons.

She shares that,

“Our team goes through a lot of hard times that strengthen us,”

For example, last year two girls on the basketball team got into a car crash. They both survived, but it made Annie see life a little differently.

She explained that,

“We’ve learned that every little second means a lot with people.”

Annie Fuller is an amazing player and her teammates have become her sisters because of the experiences that have had by being on the team together.