Jewelry Class Spotlight

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There are many electives to take at Davis High, if you’re interested in art, or you may want to try something new, or need to get away from typical school stresses, the jewelry elective class might be the class for you.

The jewelry class is taught by Mrs. Wright. She has always been interested in art and received her degree in art history. Jewelry making was one of her hobbies and after teaching the class, she’s developed a bigger passion for it.

When asked to describe her class she said,

“My jewelry class is a fun place for expression and learning new techniques. My goal is always to make sure that it’s a place for kids to get away from some of the stresses and come and do art.”

She enjoys teaching the class because she gets to know her students and their learning style really well.

“I give kids as much freedom as possible within the structure of technique…I’m more hands-on.”

Her classroom is a lab-like environment where her teaching style would be described as easy-going.

“We get to kind of do our own thing whilst we do our projects.”

Lexi Jensen, a junior at Davis High explained.

Samantha Darger, another junior at Davis High, was asked what her favorite part of the class is.

“My favorite part of the class is that I can choose what kind of project I want to make which leaves room to be creative.”

Wright’s class gives students the opportunity for lots of expression, and are given a variety of projects to do as well. You have the opportunity to work with metal, solder, wire-wrap, etc. while making rings, pendants, polymer beads, cuffs, lockets, earrings and more.

Overall, jewelry is a reliable course for designing wearable jewelry and learning techniques that aren’t always easily accessible.